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2020 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo
Health & Safety Action Plan – Following CDC Measures
CHI Health Center Omaha Convention Center

August 24-26, 2020 – Omaha, NE

In the interest of our attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and employees’ wellbeing – BBI International and the CHI Health Center Omaha are implementing Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended health and safety measures designed to provide hygienic safeguards throughout the facility. This will include thorough cleaning procedures with the latest sanitation technology, along with specified food safety standards and social distancing practices.

The BBI International staff and CHI Health Center Omaha continue to monitor the evolving developments from the Nebraska state government and Douglas County Health Department and will incorporate their guidance where applicable. Actively working with the CHI Health Center Omaha, we are committed to guest safety and have outlined the steps being taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic below.
  • Gathering Size Restrictions: According to Nebraska’s Phase III reopening guidelines, events that have 10,000 people or less at the convention center are permitted. This phase was in effect on June 22nd. We have also included the official Nebraska Phase III guidelines on this page.
  • Social Distancing: The expo hall, session rooms, food and beverage lines and registration desk configurations at CHI Health Center Omaha will utilize social distancing guidance from the Nebraska Governor’s office. BBI International is currently working with the CHI Health Center Omaha staff, to redesign our room layouts. Distancing at any food or beverage stations must be maintained and additional staff will be used to help enforce social distancing guidelines.

    New Room Seating Redesigns
  • Hand Sanitizer: CTE Global is this year’s hand sanitizer sponsor and will be providing each guest a personal bottle. Both visitors and staff members are outwardly encouraged to carry personal sanitizers. Additionally, hand sanitizing dispensers will be placed at guest and employee entrances as well as throughout the facility.
  • Face Masks: Phibro Ethanol Performance Group will be providing disposable facemasks for all attendees. As recommended by the CDC, public-facing event staff members are required to wear face masks and gloves, and guests are strongly encouraged to do the same. Although it won’t be required to wear a facemask, we do encourage it. We understand this may present complications during consumption of food or beverage; however, masks are still encouraged as individuals move throughout the venue and interact with other visitors. This is subject to change based on state or county health directives.
    Note: Disposable facemasks will be provided for all attendees.
  • Additional Staffing: Public-facing event staff members are required to wear personal protective equipment to include face masks and gloves and must use a designated entrance for contactless temperature screenings. If an employee is found to have a fever, they will not be permitted to work. Attendants will be placed at locations such as elevators and escalators to help ensure capacity limitations and social distancing.
    Note: There will be stations setup in the expo hall and at the registration desk, where temperatures can be taken. 
  • Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitation: CHI Health Center Omaha is staffing additional custodial crews before, during and after events who routinely use disinfectant for daily cleaning procedures. Cleaning solution with claimed effectiveness against coronavirus is in regular use throughout the building, and each room is methodically sanitized after use. Areas of frequent human contact (restrooms, hard surfaces, doorknobs) are cleaned multiple times a day.
  • Clorox Total 360: The state-of-the-art Clorox Total 360 system utilizes electrostatic technology and non- bleach Clorox products for an innovative surface treatment with the capability to clean even the hardest to reach places. According to Clorox, Total 360 is designed to reach all parts of a room (and any surfaces within). We utilize this cutting-edge technology for cleaning efforts throughout our facility.
  • Guest Signage: There are reminders posted throughout the building to encourage social distancing, to avoid handshaking or touching one’s face.
  • Conference App: We encourage our attendees and exhibitors to maximize the usage of the conference app, Ethanol Connect, to help with reduce contact with other guests.
  • Food & Beverage (F&B): The convention center’s in-house food provider has modified their front and back of house procedures in consideration of best safety practices. They will be continuously monitoring CDC, OSHA, Federal and State requirements and will revise procedures where applicable based on their guidance.
Best F&B Health & Safety Practices:
  • Prior to the start of any shift, team members participate in pre-screening efforts such as temperature checks and symptoms assessment consistent with COVID-19
  • Team members engage in mandatory COVID-19 internal safety training with proof of completion
  • Personal hygiene importance is stressed to all staff members, including reminders for proper handwashing sneeze and cough covering etiquette
  • Sanitizing stations are available for employee use
  • All staff wear personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, face shields when applicable
  • Equipment is sanitized before and after use, all food contact surfaces are sanitized every 30 minutes throughout an event
  • Common touchpoints are sanitized with increased frequency
  • Work areas have been redesigned to maximize social distancing
  • In general, menus are engineered with best health and safety practices in mind
  • Buffet service, self-serve condiment stations and refill options are temporarily unavailable
  • Modified disposable packaging in use where applicable
  • Floor markers will help indicate spacing for guests at concession lines
  • Plexiglass dividers installed at permanent concession counters
  • Selected registers closed to encourage social distancing
  • Preparation procedures modified to reduce touchpoints

FEW Hotel info: *All initiatives are subject to evolving CDC and public health regulations.

Learn more at www.FuelEthanolWorkshop.com

Outline of Changes to Upcoming DHMs Phase III

Statewide Changes
  • Fan attendance for youth and school games changes to same limit as Gatherings on June 22nd.
    • No longer limited to household members only.
  • Contact team sports may begin practices and games on July1st.
Elective Surgeries
  • All restrictions on elective surgeries are removed from DHM starting June 22nd.
Starting June 22nd, the following guidelines apply to all counties except for those located in Central District Health Dept. (Hall, Hamilton, Merrick) and Dakota County Health Dept. (Dakota)

Bars & Restaurants
  • Restaurants, Bars, Bottle Clubs, and Gentlemen’s Clubs remain open for dine-in.
    • Patrons will be required to be seated while on premise unless they are placing an order, using the restroom, or playing games.
  • 100% of rated occupancy.
  • Maximum of eight (8) individuals in a party (groups larger than eight (8) will need to split into multiple tables).
  • Food MAY BE consumed at bar seating.
  • Self-serve buffets and salad bars are prohibited. Venue staff must serve food directly to all individuals.
  • Games such as pool, darts, arcade games, etc. ARE allowed.
Childcare Facilities
  • Capacity will be limited to the following numbers:
    • Infants to 3 year old – 15 children per room/space
    • 3 year olds – 20 children per room/space
    • 4-5 year olds – 24 children per room/space
    • School-age children (K-12) – 30 children per room/space
  • All other state provisions, statutes, and regulations, including child to staff ratios, still apply.
  • INDOOR Gatherings will be limited to 50% of rated occupancy (not to exceed 10,000).
  • OUTDOOR Gatherings will be limited to 75% of rated occupancy (not to exceed 10,000).
  • Gatherings include but are not limited to Indoor or Outdoor Arenas, Indoor or Outdoor Auctions, Stadiums, Tracks, Fairgrounds, Festivals, Zoos, Auditoriums, Large Event Conference Rooms, Meeting Halls, Indoor Theaters, Libraries, Swimming Pools, or any other confined indoor or outdoor space.
  • Groups shall be no larger than eight (8) individuals.
  • Six (6) feet separation between groups moves to guidance.
  • Parades, carnivals, midways, dances and street dances, and beer gardens remain prohibited through Phase III.
    • Parades where patrons remain in their vehicles and the public does not line the streets are permitted.
    • Dancing at events is permissible if individuals remain at their tables/seats and keep social distancing between groups.
    • Dance recitals are permitted but must follow the Gathering requirements.
  • Plans for reopening or expanding to new capacity limits must be submitted to the local health departments and approved for all indoor and outdoor locations/venues that hold 500 or more individuals (1,000 or more in counties over 500,000 population) before reopening is permitted. The reopening plan must contain planned number of guests, how the location will meet social distancing guidelines, and sanitation guidelines.
Gyms, Fitness Centers/Clubs, Health Clubs, & Health Spas
  • Will be limited to 75% of rated occupancy.
Salons, Barber Shops, Massage Therapy Services, & Tattoo Parlors/Body Art Facilities
  • Will be limited to 75% of rated occupancy.
  • Both workers and patrons are still required in the DHM to wear masks at all times.
    • An exception will be made for all services performed on faces. Patrons will be permitted to remove their mask while receiving services directly. The mask must be worn by the patron at all other times while on the premise.
Wedding & Funeral Reception Venues
  • Maximum of eight (8) individuals in a party (groups larger than eight (8) will need to split into multiple tables).
  • Self-serve buffets and salad bars are prohibited. Venue staff must serve food directly to all individuals.
  • Limited dances or other social events requiring guests to gather outside of their respective tables in guidance.
Starting June 22nd, all counties located in Central District Health Dept. (Hall, Hamilton, Merrick) and Dakota County Health Dept. (Dakota) will be reissued DHMs with Phase II Requirements

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